Buddhist Life Coaching

Feel like it’s time to make a change, but need a little help? 

How a Life Coach Can Help

Life problems always have an inner solution: new habits and new ways of viewing things. Relief, growth, and joy are within reach!

Improve Relationships

If you would like to engage in coaching for your relationship, it is best to attend together. You and your partner can attend session together at no additional cost. We will find practical solutions to your problems, and ways to foster connection and affection. No blame, just a path forward!

Stress Reduction

There is a whole world of wellness and calm waiting for you. A combination of specific mindfulness practices, meditation, breathing, and new ways of looking at things can help you find balance in trying times. 

Spiritual Practice

From your spiritual practice can come an abundance of energy, inner peace, and transformation in all areas of your life. As your spiritual coach, I can provide structure, accountability, guidance, and encouragement to develop a deep and stable practice. 

Achieving Goals

Identifying what is holding you back and the habits needed to attain your goal is an inner journey. I can provide the encouragement, guidance, and accountability to help you reach your goals. Often, accountability is the key to success!

Major Life Changes

Big things are best tackled in pairs! Change can be so difficult, but often change is necessary to move toward healing or to reach your full potential. Let me support you in the process.  

Single Sessions


In a single one-hour session, I can give you an outside perspective on issues you are dealing with and a way move forward based on Buddhist wisdom. I will help you find a new way of looking at the situation and a specific plan to change habits and behaviors. If you would like to work with me at your own pace, as needed, single sessions may be the way to go. For deeper change, working with me with over a period of time may be necessary for accountability, which almost everyone needs! If you are interested in committing to longer-term life coaching, check out how the process works in one, three, or twelve months below.


Buddhist Teacher JoAnn Fox

How the Process Works

Ultra Focus

One Month

A 4-week coaching journey begins by identifying one aspect of your life you want to transform. We create a specific plan to make this positive change happen–as joyfully as possible! In four one-hour sessions, we apply Buddhist wisdom and practices to create a longer plan for change. You will be prepared to carry out this roadmap for change on your own. 

What’s included:

  • 4 one-hour sessions over ZOOM
  • Weekly follow-up assignments
  • Weekly goal setting
  • A one-page roadmap at conclusion

Build Lasting Change

Six Months

Six months of coaching can make all the difference when you are trying to make change that lasts. You’ll learn how to adopt new habits and ways of looking at things.  Each month we meet for four hour-long sessions via ZOOM, and you receive notes  and homework after each session: not written homework but life actions. 

What’s included:

  • 4 one-hour sessions each month
  • Weekly follow-up assignments
  • Weekly and monthly goal setting
  • Notes from each session
  • A one-page summary of your coaching journey at conclusion
  • Email support between sessions

Get in Touch

Have a question? Interested in courses or mindset coaching? Please use this form to send a message. 

Ed Wollman, J.D., LL.M.


“JoAnn’s exudes a unique combination of  warmth, understanding and spirituality. She listens with compassion and natural curiosity that places a premium on what you are meaning to say as opposed to the words that might be chosen.

JoAnn’s advice comes from a lifetime of deep introspection, studying Dharma and philanthropy.  Do not “expect” what you already know, on the contrary, be open to the kind wisdom of what you need to know or consider. “