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What is Buddhism for Everyone?

Welcome! Buddhism for Everyone is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the welfare and spiritual development of all living beings.

Ways we can support your practice:

  • A podcast called Buddhism for Everyone
  • Virtual Study Program
  • Buddhist life coaching

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Meet the Teacher


JoAnn Fox has been teaching Buddhism for 20 years. JoAnn studied Buddhism in a traditional way, in a structured study program. She has studied many of the great works of the Tibetan Mahayana lineage, but tries to convey the teachings in a modern and simple way. She believes the most important thing is not knowledge of the Buddha’s teachings, but to practice. She emphasizes being patient and kind with oneself, while trying to practice. Transformation of the mind is possible. Someone who is often sad can become happy most of the time. Someone who has a lot of anxiety can become calm. Wherever you are on the path, you are are perfect–-and you can also change.

Buddhist Teacher JoAnn Fox

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