The Teacher

JoAnn Fox

Formal Training

Dedicated to sharing the wisdom of Buddhism for over two decades, JoAnn Fox brings a blend of traditional teachings, modern simplicity, and humor to the spiritual journey. JoAnn trained in a structured study program for Buddhist teachers for over ten years under the guidance of several teachers. Emphasizing the power of practice over mere knowledge, she encourages patience and self-kindness on the transformative journey of the mind.

Welcoming Everyone

JoAnn believes in the infinite possibility of change! She believes the teachings of Buddha can guide anyone from times of sadness to sustainable happiness and from anxiety to calm. Deeply committed to supporting individuals on their spiritual journey, she embraces people from any background or religion.

Dedicated to the Bodhisattva Path

For those who choose the path of the Bodhisattva, JoAnn’s mission is to empower and support them in their quest to embrace the noble qualities of the Bodhisattva and to nurture a community dedicated to selfless compassion and the well-being of all living beings.

The lineage of the teachings


Buddha Shakyamuni taught 2500 years ago. His teachings are as relevant today as they were then. We are currently studying the Dhammapada, which contains the actual words of Buddha written down shortly after his death. Buddha asked that we never simply accept the teachings, but test them with our own experience and wisdom. We can discover for ourselves what leads to peace and what leads to pain and confusion.

Mahayana Buddhism

Universal compassion and the path of the Bodhisattva are what differentiates this type of Buddhism from others. Atisha was the Indian Mahayana Buddhist master that taught the Mahayana path we follow. This path contains the steps to enlightenment and includes the development of universal compassion and wisdom, the keys to unlocking our Buddha nature. 


Tibetan Teachers & Modern Dharma

Together we will study the teachings of Buddha as they passed from India to Tibet to our modern world. We will study Indian and Tibetan teachers such as Shantideva, Je Tsongkhapa, and Geshe Chekawa. For 2,500 years, monks, nuns, and lay people practiced Buddhism by applying the teachings to their own life. These teachers offer different ways of practicing to achieve inner peace, compassion, and wisdom. JoAnn Fox tries bridge the ancient teachings and our modern experience.